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Choke Manifold Kill Manifold
Kill Manifold
  1、 Application
   In case of increase of the well head pressure, thekill manifold can provide a means of pumping heavydrilling fluid into the well to balance bottom hole pres-sure so that well kick and blowout can be prevented. Inthis case, by using blowdown lines connected to the killmanifold, the increasing well head pressure also canbe released directly for bottom hole pressure release,or water and extinguishing agent can be injected intothe well by means of the kill manifold. The check valveson the kill manifold only allow injection of kill fluid orother fluids into the well bore through themselves, butdo not allow any backflow so as to perform the kill op-eration or other operations.
   2、 Structure
   The kill manifold consists of check valves, gatevales, pressure gauges and pipelines. The one end ofthe kill manifold is connected to the drilling spool andthe other end is connected to the pump. The kill mani-fold and choke manifold are both designed to API 16Cand can be used together. The kill manifold is available for pressure ratings of 14MPa, 21MPa, 35MPa and70MPa
   3、 Operating Requirements
   1 Working pressure of all pipelines, gate valvesand check valves shall be compatible with that of theBOP stack used.
   2 The kill manifold is not intended to be used ascommon lines for pouring drilling fluid。
No. Item Quantity Material Remarks
1 Lifting Base 1    
2 105/78Flange 2 30CrMo  
3 105/78Flat Valve 2   Please refer to Gate Valves for details
4 105/78Ball-and-Seat 2   Please refer to Gate Valves for details
5 103/105Blind Flange 2 30CrMo  
6 103/105Flat Valve 2   Please refer to Gate Valves for details
7 52/105Flat Valve 1   Please refer to Gate Valves for details
8 Pressure Gage 1    
9 Break Valve 1    
10 Meter¨s Flange 1 30CrMo  
11 Five-Joint 1 30CrMo  
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