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The Quick - Operating Thread Protector
The Quick - perating Thread Protector is a manually operated device for protecting externaI pin-end threads on casing. It is simple¡ê?tough and secure.The fast and easy operation of Quick?Operating Thread Protectors saves casing screw time¡ê?saves rig time¡ê?and saves your money.
The Quick?Operating Thread Protector consists of a high strength spring?steel band molted inside strong, abrasion-resistant rubber. An adjustable cam-type latch assembly is incorporated for manual locking and unlocking of the protector.
To operate the Quick-Operating Thread Protector¡ê?place the protector on the pin-end threads of pipe,push the handle firmly toward the center of the pipe and the locking action securely closes it in place.Pull the handle out to release.

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