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Kelly Valve
Kelly Velve also named Kelly cock/Drill pipe Safety Valve allowing free passage of drilling fluid without pressure lose.these valves can be used as a dill pipe safety valve or upper Kelly Valve to control blowout pressures or as a lower Kelly Valve to prevent loss of drilling fluid when the kelly is disconnected. The body of The Kelly Valve is made of a single piece of forged AISI 4145H(40CrMnMo)modified alloy steel¡êDfully heat treated to 285-341 Brinell hardness and 40 ft?¨°1b(54J)minimum impact strength The main components and the inside of body are chromeplated. The Kelly Valve seals in both directiors with metal to metal seals¡êDavailable in 5,000psi¡êy35Mpa)/10.000psil75Mpe)/1 5 000pes (105 Mpa) working pressure. The valve uses a hexagon socket on the opeating stem and has positive stops in the open end closed positions The design of the body limits the plug rotation to 90?¨°,between the open and closed position.

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